Wednesday, October 16, 2013


In the early 60's to promote their new lemon lime drink "teem", the pepsi cola company contracts Frank Virtuoso band know as Frank Virtue & The Virtues to give them a jingle!.

The result is a 45 rpm on Refreshment Records under the name of THE TEEM-STERS with the A Side_The Teem Mashed Potatoes. a Tittyshaker side with sax and a wild and very cool guitar solo.

And the B Side_Penn State Twist. a doo wop side with a very cool bassman, borrowing from Hank Ballard classic" The Twist".

Below; Frank Virtue & The Virtues.

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KL from NYC said...

Thank you.
These product promo 45s are very difficult to find, and I've never heard of this one.
I'm glad that you pointed out The Virtues as the actual artists.