Tuesday, October 14, 2014

EMMY ORO (Chelsea Records)

Emilia Grimaldi from Queens, New York is present in the doo wop guides as EMMY ORO with...

-*Is It a Sin / Fish House Function. Chelsea Records-1961 as Emmy Oro & The Rhythm Escorts.

-*Is It A Sin / Some Of These Days. Chelsea Records-1962 as Emmy Oro.

Back up band; The Keynotes, *Back up group, The El Domingos or, is the group the Rendezvous on Rust?.

The Chelsea label. from New York label was formed in November 1960 by Frank Allen, and Michael and Richard Orofino.

Emmy was married to Michael J. Orofino, she was the aunt of singer Jimmy Wilde (see in tis blog). Emmy Oro passed away in 1982 from Cancer.

To Listen or Download_Is It A Sin. please visit; https://app.box.com/s/gh5hjr0mu1vbjnsahkbk

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