Monday, October 13, 2014


THE JADES (Christy records).

The Jades were a five members group from San Francisco area listed as a white group but really it is unknown if they are completely white, interracial or if it was a black group with a white sound.

They recorded exclusively for the Christy label (a small label based in Los Gatos, CA in the San Francisco area. It was owened by Joe Jan Jaros who started it in 1958).

The group’s lead singer was Louis Aleen with first tenor Art Robinson, second tenor Ocie Watkins, bass Leroy Davis and second lead and baritone David McShade.

The group did four records in 1959 for Christy...

-Oh Why! / The Big Beach Party.
-Tell Me Pretty Baby / Applesauce.
-Don’t Be A Fool / Friday Night With My Baby.
-Blue Memories / Look For A Lie.



Also they were a back-up group for numerous other artists on the label as...

-BOBBY KLINT_Moana / Rock Me The Blues (1959)_Pretend / Lovely Lady (1960).

-JERRY COULSTON_Bon Bon Baby / Caveman Baby (1959)_Go Ak Your Mama / What’s Your PersonaƱity (1960)_Bon-Bon Baby / Crater Creepers (1961).

-McMILLAN BROS_Let It Be Me / Satisfied (1960).

-JOEY BERLIN_Just You and I and Love / With Hope In My Heart (1960).

-CHRIS NEWTON_Impala / Hello and Goodbye (1959).


From 1960 any information about more recordings of the group is unknow so they probably were separated in that year.

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