Friday, May 15, 2015

J. R. and the ATTRACTIONS (Hunch records)

Top (L to R); Jim Setlock, Bill Simmons, Rick Opdyke. Bottom Center; Johnny Rand

In late 1965 in Pittsburgh, Bill Simmons, Johnny Rand, John Lopacinski, Jack Jones, Jim Baker, Jim Setlock, Dave Tressler and Joe Marcoline  organized the vocal instrumental band, the Elegants (Dave, Joe and Jim prior recorded with the Matadors on Lee Records).

In early 1966 won a battle of the bands at the Jolly Green Giant Lounge in Brentwood, PA. and were contracted by Jim Hudson a booking agent for Pat DiCesare's University Attractions in Pittsburgh but in this time were informed they couldn't use the Elegants name and the group was renamed J.R. & The Attractions.

In the summer of 1966 the group consisted of Jim Baker (lead guitar), Jim Setlock (bass guitar / lead / Bass vocal), Bill Simmons (keyboards / tenor), Rick Opdyke (drums / baritone / tenor), John Lopacinski (rhythm guitar / trumpet / falsetto / tenor) and Johnny Rand (guitar /lead vocal) the guys cut two sides at Glen Campbell's recording studio in Pittsburgh a Dupree's sound-a-like ballad_I'm Your's. an the Dovell's uptempo side_Bristol Stomp.

Coed, Kama Sutra, Jamie, Epic and Laurie records refused the songs and finally Pat DiCesare released the sides on his label Hunch records.

To Listen or Download A side, please visit;

LISTEN 2 sides...

The A side was very popular in the local radio circuit and soon the group toured around the country until 1968 when the group disbanded, Bill and Rick joined Hiram & The Walkers, Jim was out the the music bussines and John recorded in 1969 as a solo artist.

In late 1969 with the revival of the oldies sound, Keno records re-released the recording of The Attractions.

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