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In 1980 Andy Moraglia original member of The Chalets on Tru-Lite Records (see, group history section) with Lenny Hunter (Lead singer of the Five Discs 1960 side-Come On Baby), Frank Fillipone, Roberta Buccola and Stanley (last name unknow) reformed the group.

In 1981 Frank and Stanley left and joined Frankie Perna and Victor Rodriguez, they recorded the jingle for Bill Dogherty’s radio show which was broadcast from the Adelphi University, Garden City, N.Y.

In 1962 Frankie left and was replaced by Joe Miranda (of The Endings) and the new recording Chalets were born with...

Lenny Hunter (Lead).
Roberta Buccola (1st Tenor).
Victor Rodriguez (2nd Tenor).
Joe Miranda (Baritone).
Andy Moraglia (Bass).

The group participe in many shows organized by the Long Island Rock & Roll Association ( L.I.R.R.A.) who in 1982 released the Chalet’s sides_My Foolish Heart/Walking My Baby Back Home.

After this recording Victor was replaced by Joe Noto. The group participe in many shows in the metropolitan area and in 1984 recorded for the Starlight label_Fat Fat Momio/Lily Maebelle. Followed by four sides on the Chanel label...

-Sincerely/Walking My Baby Back Home (with music).
-Angel, Be My Love/The Girl I Love.

To Listen or Download_Angel, Be My Love. please visit;

Or go to Youtube...

With personal changes the group continue singing until the late 90’s.

Additional note...

See one Live perfomance of The Chalets at Willy's Lounge in Sayreville, NJ on September 17th, 1982...

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