Tuesday, May 12, 2015


From left; Frank Masquara, Lenny Summa, Paul Rey, John Valardi and Yvonne Slater.

The El Reys singing together 9 months, all hail from  Brentwood, L. I. the group consisted of Lenny Suma, age 17 (1st tenor), Yvonne Slater, age 15 (Lead), John Vilardi, Age 17 (2º Tenor), Paul Rey, age 17 and Frank Masquara, age 18.

They only recorded_So Young / Hey Senorita. as The Del Rays in 1963 for an album proyected by the Dj Lou Dean from the Night Train Dance Show at the Bay Shore Roller Rink in Long Island, NY.

To Listen or Download A side, please visit; https://app.box.com/s/ll12btbttkqqoyrfizkumfe30bgvczio

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Unknown said...

My mom is Yvonne Slater, the lead singer! It has been such a joy to find this on you tube!!

Unknown said...

I am Yvonne Slater, the Lead singer for the group. I am so excited to have contact with Paul Rey and to remissness about all the great times we had. The guy's are my brothers in my heart always. I still sing today and have many hours of studio time under my belt. I have written many songs and sang the lead and background. Thank you for keeping us alive on You-Tube! We have so many followers and it is Great!